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"No Great Whites, Just Great Lakes" - The shirt that says it all. Back of shirt is displayed above. Shirts display the SailMichigan logo on the front. The shirts are Hanes, 100% Cotton T shirts offered through Cafepress. Click above to see in detail and to order (several colors available).

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Advertise With Us

Our advertisers provide quality goods and services and support this site. If you have a sailing, boating, maritime or tourism - related business, then SAILMichigan sponsorship can help you gain greater exposure to sailors and boaters in Michigan and the Midwest. 

Some highlights:

  • SailMichigan is one of the few sailing information sites enjoying direct links (as a resource) from PureMichigan and the Michigan Boat Industries Association.
  • SailMichigan enjoys top Google rankings using appropriate key terms (i.e. Michigan sailing information, Michigan sailing lakes, Michigan sailing events)
  • Our site provides a national interest draw with a Midwest focus
  • SailMichigan has been a vendor participant in the MHA Schooner Festival, Quietwater symposium and Saint Clair Boat Show


Basic Fee Structure:

It is hard to find the fees for advertising on other boating sites. Here are ours. Folks who advertise, not only are reaching their potential customers, but are also sponsoring the availability of this site to all. Without sponsors, this resource will not be able to continue. Clicking to order below opens an email correspondence. Please complete and send the correspondence. We will review and create your ad. Billing will be done by PayPal invoice and your ad will be live once payment is received.

  • Commercial listing on a single lake-detail page
    • Includes a weblink to your webpage and two lines of descriptive text
    • $30/yr.
  • Banner ad (234 x 60) on a single lake page
  • Banner ad (468 x 60) on homepage (above fold)
    • Includes a weblink to your webpage
    • 1:3 rotation (displays at 30% call rate)
    • Trackable
    • $30/month or $180/yr ($450/yr for 100% buyout)
  • Banner ad (728 x 90) on footer (sitewide)
    • Includes a weblink to your webpage
    • 1:3 rotation (displays at a 30% call rate)
    • Trackable
    • $40/month or $240/yr ($600/yr for 100% buyout)
  • Banner ad (234 x 60) on sidebar (sitewide, except homepage)
    • Includes a weblink to your webpage
    • 1:1 rotation (displays at 100% call rate)
    • Trackable
    • $25/month or $150/yr

There are currently a limited number of spaces available. If you don't have a pre-set banner, we will create one for you for free, using your company logo or current website graphic. Discounts may apply for option packages and late 2014 contracts so for more information please contact us directly either at or at 810.588.8182 for contract specifics and additional benefits.

Are you a Google Adwords User?


In addition to our own banner placements, we now have the capability to do targeted placements through Google Adwords. If you are an Adwords user and will to contract an advertisment through their interface, please contact us for details. Note that Adwords placements are not available on our homepage or footers (this are through contracts above).



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