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Please select an event in green to see more information. Today's date is noted in brown. has been a "labor of love" for 9 years.

Thousands of visitors use this site each year, peaking in the summer and continuting through the Fall. Unfortunately advertising fees (individual, Google, etc.) have not been enough to offset my external costs of hosting, domain registrations, site updates, etc. Accordingly, I will have to make the hard decision of whether to continue in 2018. SailMichigan does not offer any real products (except shirts) but has value in its databases and searchability. There are no fund-drives, so I'll put it plainly - If you have found the site to be useful for yourself or business, the time to seek an advertising sponsorship for 2018 is NOW. Corporate sitewide sponsorship amounts to $75 month x 12 months. Sponsorship from sailing/yacht clubs amounts to $25 month x 6 months (Apr-Sept). Individual lake sponsorships (by an individual or family) amount to $50 for the sailing season (Apr-Sept). Alternatively, I will consider selling the site outright to organizations with a committment to carry it forward (but I cannot give the site away). Those with an interest can message me through the site, or contact me at michael at Help keep SailMichigan from turtling!

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