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Rating your lake using our SailRatings

SailRatings are the heart of what makes SAILMICHIGAN unique. Not only can you find information about Michigan sailing and lake venues, but also see how others view the venue from a sailing perspective. This perspective of course depends on you, your input and experiences. For a more accurate representation of the lake however, it is important for each lake to receive ratings from multiple individuals, so don't hesitate to apply your ratings to an "already rated" lake.


  • To provide your ratings, locate your lake through our Find A Lake page
  • Then select the "Add Your Own Rating" button.
  • Please don't forget to include your boat type and any other comments about sailing on the lake


The ratings go from 1 (the worst) to 5 (the best). Please consider the criteria below when making your rating. Don't forget to input your boat type and any additional comments. THANK YOU!

Rating : Lake Traffic
(Please rate this lake regarding boat traffic typical of weekends. Note that a no motor lake is not the highest rating due to use of small motors by sailboats in times of light or no wind)

5 - Motor lake, but motor traffic is restricted to <10 mph.
4 - No motor lake. lake is limited to row, paddle, sail.
3 - All sports lake, light/moderate traffic on weekends.
2 - All sports lake, moderate/heavy traffic on weekends.
1 - All sports lake, frequent heavy and harrassing traffic.

Rating : Wind Weather (Spring/Summer)
(On average, what is the intensity of the wind around the launch ramps and the sailable area of the lake?)

5 - Frequently > 10 mph, and consistent in direction.
4 - Often  > 10 mph, and consistent on most days.
3 - Usually > 10 mph, but can be changeable.
2 - Usually < 10 mph or often changeable.
1 - Often < 10 mph or is extremely variable/turbulant.

Rating : Sailing Presence
(Note that "Yacht club" refers to Yacht or Sailing Club or Sailing School)

5 - Yacht club on lake, sailboats predominate on lake
4 - Yacht club on lake, sailboats represent a minority
3 - No yacht club on lake, but sailboats predominate
2 - No yacht club on lake, but sailboats are present
1 - No yacht club on lake, sailboats rarely seen.

Rating : Sailability (sailable area)
(Deep refers to >15', obstructions include vegetation, narrows, islands, bridges, etc.)

5 - Open/deep, not limited by shallows or obstructions
4 - Mostly open/deep with few obstructions or currents
3 - Mostly open, with some shallows or obstructions
2 - Some open areas with many shallows or barriers 
1 - Shallows, barriers or strong currents predominate

Rating: Lake Access (refers to the best public ramp available) 
(Improved refers to a well-maintained asphalt or concrete surface, while deep refers to accomodating any trailerable boat. Note: Many typical small DNR ramps on inland lakes would be rated a 3 or 2).

5 - Improved & deep with ample set-up area & parking
4 - Improved & deep with set-up/ parking areas limiting
3 - Improved but shallow with ample set-up & parking
2 - Improved but shallow with set-up or parking limiting
1 - Unimproved or has severe access/space limitations

Rating : Scenic/Natural features of this lake
(Natural features include forests, wildlife preserves, interesting islands, coves, scenic views of cliffs/bluffs, scenic appeal, etc.)

5 - Pristine lake with many natural features of interest
4 - Low residental build-up w/ several natural features
3 - Moderate residential build-up with a few features
2 - Moderate to heavy residental build-up, few features
1 - Heavy residential/industrial build-up, no features. 

Rating: Overall Lake Recomendation
Among the lakes you have visited, how would you recommend this lake to others?

5 - Excellent - make this lake venue a destination
4 - Very good -  features worthy of moderate travel
3 - Good - worthwhile local sailing for an afternoon
2-  Average - adequate on good days, not a destination
1 - Poor - not recommended for a sailing outing

Rating: Vicinity Recomendation
How do you rate the overall location? Attractions refer to known tourist destinations, while ammenities refers to comfort facilities like restrooms, restaurants/grills, general recreational features (i.e. playground), camping/lodging, etc.

5 - Excellent - Vicinity is a travel destination in itself.
4 - Very good - Many attractions for  family members.
3 - Good - No major attractions but has ammenities
2 - Average - No attractions with minimal ammenities
1 - Poor - No attractions or ammenities


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