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Michigan Catamaran (Multi-hull) Sailing

Multi-hull sailing is popular in Michigan with the 16'-18' Hobie Catamarans being among the most popular choices for rentals or daysailing. The speed and openess of such boats appeal to the thrill-seekers and leisure sailors alike. The shallow draft of these boats allow them to be readily beachable along the sandy shores of the Great and inland lakes. This page provides resources for those who believe one hull is not enough.


Cataraman Associations

Catamaran Racing Association of Michigan. CRAM is a beach catamaran racing group that welcomes all beach launched multi-hulls. For first time racers, the registration is always waived. Races include dedicated fleets for Formula 18 and Hobie 16, and they frequently have enough boats to race dedicated fleets of Formula 16, A-cat, and Weta trimarans. Any other class of boat is welcome to race within a Portsmouth class that may be split into high and low Portsmouth classes. Look for CRAM events in the SailMichigan events section or on the CRAM website.


Austin Lake Catamaran Association - Located on Austin Lake in Kalamazoo County, this organization boasts more than 50 members with an active Hobie 16 fleet (Fleet 519). They sponsor/host Hobie 16 and Portsmouth handicap regattas.


Popular Cataman Sailing Locations

Catamarans can be found on nearly any inland lake and along Great Lake shores. Below are some areas reported by SailMichigan users to be popular for catamarans.

  • Muskegon Lake - Catamaran sailors often gather at the"Harbour Towne" public beach just south of the Lake Michigan channel (Fulton Ave.).
  • Gun Lake - Catamaran sailors gravitate to the west basin of the lake and craft with long centerboards to east basin where the water is deeper.
  • Hitchins Lake - The 1 1/2 mile long lake is well suited for catamaran sailing.
  • Austin Lake - Home of the Austin Lake Catamaran Association with active Hobie 16 and Portsmouth competition.


New boat vendors which produce or sell multi-hulls

WindRider (in conjunction with Nickels Boat Works of Flint, MI)  not only produces 5 popular classes of monohulls but also 8 popular Trimeran models from 16-24' in length. Click on the link above to see their popular line of WindRider and Astus trimerans and boat parts.


Additional Vendors (see our Sailboat Dealers page for more information)

  • Avon Sailboats (Rochester Hills, MI)  - Hobie Catamarans
  • Midwest Sailing (Pinckney, MI)  - Hobie Catamarans
  • Sailsport Marine (Traverse City, MI)  - Hobie Catamarans


Catamaran Rentals and Charters

Hobie Catamaran (16') Rentals in Traverse City, MI

  • Sail & Power Boat Rental - 231.922.9336
  • Break 'N Waves, Inc. - 231.929.3303


Catamaran Charters (Captained)

  • Nauti-Cat Cruises (47 foot Catamaran) - Traverse City, MI
  • Cat's Meow Cruises (38 foot Lagoon Catamaran) - South Haven, MI


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