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Lake Huron Cruising

Lake Huron is an international body of water and the North Channel is a popular cruising destination for Candians and Americans. This raises the need for proper respect and procedures for crossing international borders.


Lake Huron Harbors


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Whereas Lake Michigan is boarderd by sandy beaches, the eastern Lake Huron costline is rather rugged and presents an unspoiled beauty in many areas. Both the U.S and Candian shores have much to offer, including Georgian Bay and the North Channel (on the Canadian side) and Saginaw Bay and Alpena Bay (on the U.S. side).


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The North Channel is located along the Lake Huron coastline in Ontario, Canada, between the mainland and the islands of Manitoulin, Cockburn, Saint Joseph (all Canadian) and Drummond (U.S.). It is dotted with numerous scenic anchorages and small towns.

Various accounts of Cruising the Northern Channel

Reporting requirements for entering Canada or the U.S. by boat


The Master of the boat (person in charge) is responsible for notifications and is the only one permitted to leave the boat to make notifications. Official information is available from the Canada Border Serices AgencyGovernment of Ontario, Canada and U.S. Homeland Security

  • Notification must be made at a desgineated telephone reporting marine site. To find a designated site in the area call 1-888-226-7277
  • All passengers require photo identification and proof of citizenship documents.
  • Marine and land visitors to the U.S. and Canada may want to opt to obtain a NEXUS card which facilitates reporting and border check-ins.


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