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Michigan Marine Surveyors

For most, an entry into sailing entails the purchase of a reasonably priced used boat suitable for learning and assessing the sport. SailMichigan offers a variety of tools to locate such a boat in your area. Once you have found a potential boat, how do you determine whether it is worth purchasing?  First, you can view what the boat may be worth by consulting with available boat “blue-book type” guides; BUC ( and NADA ( Next, you will want to assess the seaworthiness or reparability of the boat. For smaller boats (dinghies <21’) without inboard engines or accommodations, you may be able to do this yourself. In most cases much of the hull, foils and spars are fairly accessible. Brian Gilbert, in his book Fix It and Sail suggests that the following may be boat or deal killers; structural cracks or holes in the hull, missing major equipment, extensive wood rot, or a partially-restored boat. These can be assessed with visual inspection and simple tools (flashlight, telescoping mirror, pocket knife or awl (for wood rot) and a camera). A soft or spongy hull (for smaller boats) or evidence of prolonged standing water (for larger ones), may be added signs of trouble.


A professional marine inspection is warrented if you are considering purchasing a sailboat which contains an affixed motor, living quarters, or for use on the Great Lakes. In addition, marine surveys may be required to obtain financing or insurance. The following is a list of marine surveyors located in Michigan and specializing in yachts and small craft. If indicated, these surveyors belong to the Society of Accredited Marine Surveyors (SAMS) or the National Association of Marine Surveyors (NAMS). Please consult the above organizations to verify the current status of these individuals.

Surveyor Level Email Location Affil.
  Michael J. Ballard Accredited [email protected] Bellaire SAMS
  Dennis Biel Accredited [email protected] Harrison Twp. SAMS
  David L. Boersema Associate [email protected] Spring Lake SAMS
  John Bommarito Associate [email protected] Gibraltar SAMS
  Jim Cukrowicz Accredited [email protected] Grand Junction SAMS
  Raymond T. Dezenski Accredited [email protected] Harrison Twp. SAMS
  John M. Dionne Accredited [email protected] East Jordan SAMS
  Michael H. Evenhouse Associate [email protected] Grand Rapids SAMS
  Robert D. Galeota Assoicate [email protected] Grosse Pt.  Woods SAMS
  Patrick Gerber Associate [email protected] Traverse City SAMS
  A. John Lobbezoo Accredited [email protected] Spring Lake SAMS
  John C. Mantyk Associate [email protected] Algonac SAMS
  John G. Morman Accredited [email protected] Harrison Twp. SAMS
  Matthew Morman Accredited [email protected] Detroit SAMS
  Marc Nugent Accredited [email protected] Traverse City SAMS
  Dennis Parsons Accredited [email protected] Port Austin SAMS
  Bob Ptak Accredited [email protected] Newago SAMS
  Leslie Salliotte Accredited [email protected] Wyandotte SAMS
  Brent Strieter Associate [email protected] Burt SAMS
  Bruce P. Taylor Certified [email protected] Holland NAMS
  James Triage Accredited [email protected] Eastpointe SAMS
  John A. Trost IV Accredited [email protected] Grosse Pt Woods SAMS
  Thomas C. Vandermaas Accredited [email protected] Grosse Point SAMS
  John Paul Watson Accredited [email protected] Manistee SAMS
  Robert Workman Associate [email protected] Fremont SAMS
  Angel Felix Zeno Accredited  [email protected] Elk Rapids SAMS


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