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Sail Clubs

Sail clubs provide a low cost way not only learn how to sail, but also to obtain a sailboat for personal use. The membership fee for these clubs is in the $100-300/year range and provides an opportunity to sign out club boats for regattas and day sails. These clubs are family friendly and are a great way to learn and sail with your kids. Most require that members complete a sailing class or be club certified before signing out a vessel, but this ensures your safety as well as that of the boat. Several sail clubs are listed in the Yacht/Sail Clubs section of this website however those listed below are notable for their affordability and their strong commitment for outreach and education. The prices listed below are good approximations but should be verified by visiting the club's website or contacting them directly (Photo by Dwight Burdette)


Please be sure to see our Yacht/Sail Clubs page for a complete listing

Sailing Club nominate a club Location Family Adult
 American Sailing Institute  Multiple locations in SE Michigan Varies
 Creekfleet  Stony Creek Metropark, Macomb Park fee only
 Michigan Sailing Club*  Pinckney-Hamburg / Base Line Lake $305 $200
 MSU Sailing Center*  East Lansing / Lake Lansing $250 $175
 Saginaw Bay Community Sailing Association  Bay City / Saginaw Bay $220 $130
 Traverse Area Community Sailing  Traverse City / Bordman Lake $225 $150

* Prices are for the general public. Substantial discounts for university students or affiliates


The clubs above specialize in small boat (dinghy sailing) although a couple offer larger keelboats as well. For more programs and clubs offering keelboat and cruising options, please see our Sailing Schools and Charters pages. In many, if not all, cases, prior formal certification in keelboats and cruising will be required.


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