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Sailing Opportunities

So you want to get on the water and learn what its all about. There are many resources for you to explore. First and foremost, don't forget to check the SailMichigan events calendar for upcoming open houses, or explore sailing events. If you don't see such events near you, consider the options below:


  1. Take a captained charter on a modern 26-45' sailboat

  2. Take an afternoon excursion on a Tall Ship

  3. Offer to crew for a friend with a sailboat

    • Time commitment : 2 hours to years
    • Cost : Sunglasses, sunscreen and a good hat
    • More info? - You know who your friends are...
  4. Offer to crew for a skipper at a local sail or yacht club

  5. Visit or join a community sailing association or sail club

  6. Visit or join a local yacht club

  7. Take a sailing class at a local yacht club or sailing school

    • Especially recommended with a friend or your family
    • Time commitment : 2-4 afternoons
    • Cost: Varies
    • Here's more info
  8. Buy your own sailing dinghy (helps if you've done any of options 3-7 above)

    • Time commitment : Depends on you (could be lifetime)
    • Cost: $500-2,500 used, $3,000-$15,000 new
    • Here's more info
  9. Live vicariously through others by watching You Tube videos of sailing

    • Not recommended. See 1-8 above.



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