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Sails and Sail Lofts

Whether a cruiser, racer, dinghy or yacht, all sailboat require good quality sails for propulsion and performance. New mainsails for one-design classes can run from $1200 to $4000 or more. The following lofts are located throughout Michigan and northern Ohio. Many provide additional services, such as cleaning and repair, in addition to new sail production.


Main Sail

Basic sail care tips

  • Avoid flogging/fluttering the leech of your sail - minimize motoring to wind with your sails up and keep the leech, halyard, sheets, and foot cord tenion properly engaged
  • Cover cotter pins, ring dings, shrouds, lifelines, and anything contacting the sails to reduce rubbing and chaffing.
  • Keep your sails covered with a UV protective cover when not in use. UV light quickly ages and deteroiates sail materials.
  • Store your sails dry and folded - avoid folding the same way each time
  • Prevent excessive wind loading of your sails by staying within the recommended wind range.


  • Bluffton Bay Sails (North Sails)
    • 555 W. Hackley Ave, Muskegon Hts, MI
    • 231.733.0494
  • Bluewater Sail & Canvas (Doyle SailMakers)
    • 10531 E. Carter Rd, Traverse City, MI
    • 231.941.5224
  • UK-Halsey Western Michigan
    • 430 W 23rd Street., Holland, MI
    • 616.396.4935
  • Quantum Sails
    • 1576 International Drive, Traverse City, MI
    • 231.941.1222
  • Doyle Detroit (Saginaw Bay)
    • 1656 Edgewood Drive, Caro, MI
    • 989.673.7569
  • Kent Sail Co.
    • 35942 Jefferson, Harrison Township, MI
    • 586.791.2580
  • Ullman Sails Detroit
    • 24422 Sorrentino Court, Clinton Township, MI
    • 586.792.7212
  • Dieball Sailing Company
    • 5556 Edgewater Dr., Toledo, OH
    • 419.726.2933

Used sails

If you are located in Michigan and would like to post used sails for sale, you may do so with this form. Posting is free for private, non-commerical individuals. Commerical entities should send us an email inquiry.


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