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Solo Sailboat Racing

In addition to the traditional regattas and races in the state, The Great Lakes Single-handed Society promotes the adventure of Solo (Single-handed) Great Lakes sailing. With an eye towards safety, the GLSS conducts an annual series of Great Lakes Solo distance races (39-326 miles) including the Solo Mackinac Challenges, Lake Ontario 300, Trans Superior Solo Challenge, Lake Erie Solo Challenge, Lake Michigan Solo Scramble, Lower Huron Solo race and the Saint Clair Solo race. Acceptance to the GLSS requires the succesful competion of one of the longer distance races (a minimum of 100 statute miles over at least a 24 hour period). Boats permitted to participate in GLSS events are generally 25-50' LOA.


From GLSS information:

The Great Lakes Singlehanded Society is an organization established for the perpetuation of the sport of solo sailing. Its purpose is twofold - the first being to develop and educate sailors on suitable techniques, equipment, and gear for shorthanded passage under sail; the second being the recognition of accomplishments of singlehanded sailors in the Great Lakes region.


From its humble beginnings in 1978, the Great Lakes Singlehanded Society has grown to become the premier association of solo sailors in the United States. Less than 280 individuals have become life members by completing a Solo Mackinac Challenge from either Port Huron, Michigan or Chicago, Illinois, the Trans Superior Solo, the Lake Erie Solo, or the Lake Ontario 300 Solo Challenge.



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